Monday, June 29, 2009

Finally Here!!!!

Hey everybody, I'm alive!!

Sorry but we had to wait a while to get internet and it was kind of a hassle but here I am. I am writing this from my personal room in Cambridge Sidney of Sussex College. I have a view of the Masters Garden and am listening to a String Quartet warm up for some event that I am not invited too.

Well let's see. My flight went pretty smooth. I was able to sleep a little but there was always something that woke, plus I don't get much room in the seats, i'm kind of big. I sat next to some Jimmy Rogers, he was a head to Germany to hike for 9 days in the Bovarian Alps. A gentlemens hike, where you go from hut to hut. He was pleasent and allowed me to sleep better than most of the other folks. It was also a pretty cool flight becaue we went straight up from Chicago through Cananda up next to the Artic Circle, where the sun never went down... it was like a 6 hour sunrise or sunset, not sure which.. beautiful.

Upon Landing we had to take a couple of trains, I was glad to be with people who knew where they were going because it was confusing. The money looks like monopoly money. It is pretty hilarious handing people my coins and saying just take how much I owe you. But I'm used to it now. We miss our bus and had to wait but evetunlly had got to Cambridge. Oh real quick I got off on a stop that I thought was a bathroom break and the bus tried to leave me and I had to run after it.

We took a tour of our campus and pretty much all the colleges at Cambridge and stopped off at some pubs. Where one of our crew was accused of conterfeiting bills, turns out that he got them exhanged in Atlanta and they were old bills, but nonetheless it was exciting.

Cambridge has this thing about their grass, it looks beautiful and is cut like a nice fairway, but you aren't allowed on it. Of course i ran on it late at night when no one was looking.

When we went out late last night we had fun, saw a couple of British guys get into a little fight with their girlfriend screaming at them knocking them into cars and stuff. It was pretty funny to hear them yelling in their accents. It also made me feel safer, because they were terrible at fighting.

Anyhow, I miss everyone. I am having fun and now that I have internet access plan to skype a few of peeps soon... actully Deb just interuppted my blogging on a skype.. love ya Deb.

Mom, I am going to try and go to the Barber Tonight , if not I will tomorrow for sure.

God is Good.


  1. sounds like you are off to a good start. you need to start posting pictures!

    have fun!

  2. See!! I told you the trains were confusing! You should have listened to your Auntie! Cheers!

  3. Good to know you feel protected just in case you find yourself in a situation that would require throwing a punch! Glad everything is going great so far!