Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 3- Museums, Church, and Plays.

Well, Today we have done a lot off stuff. I was out late last night until about 2am with one of my classmates and funny enough all we talked about at the pub was class stuff.
We had an eventful day. We had a full day of class, as well as went to the wren library which houses some of the oldest texts there is... including Issac Newtons handwritten notes.. Parliment role calls that are illustrated... Shakespere's handwritten books..etc... It was a big deal. And we weren't allowed to take pictures, there or anywhere else pretty much... but I did anyway.
Then we went to the Fitzsomething museum and saw a whole bunch of different stuff... Monet, picaso, Darwin stuff, Eygptian mummies, greek and roman armor, and a bunch of other stuff. It was pretty cool. I did get yelled at once by a caretaker because I touched a table under a painting that was apparently an artifact also.
After that we went directly to the Kings college church. It was beautiful and we weren't allowed to take pictures. I of course took some video while inside, which I will post later on. Inside the church we listened to a sermon and the boys choir sing. Talk about hearing angels in a majestic hall. There has never been it's equal in my life. You will get to hear some of what I heard on the video I will post later.
Then I had decided I wanted to go to a play ath the Cambridge Arts Theatre called Write me a Murder. It was kind of a murder mystery, thriller play. I enjoyed it very much.
Then for the first time on this trip all of all but one of us got together and went out to the pubs. We had an incredible bonding experience, as well as we met some locals finally. I was outside with one of my classmates and we got into a conversation with a couple of Brits and they were nice guys, so I said come on in and join us. Needless to say we all hit it off, loving eachothers accents and common expressions. Then we moved on to another pub, where we sang happy birthday to someone, talked about twilight and started imitating eachother. It was awesome.
After all that we headed home, and some of us, not going to name names, ran into the forbiddon master's garden and streaked as well as took pictures in groups.
It has been a long day and I want to get up early to get a shave tomorrow before we go to London for a field trip.
Look for pictures to come and videos. Love you all.

If you see a turtle on a fenchpost someone put it there.
Just keep L-I-V-I-N.

God is Good.

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  1. im going to go ahead and assume that you were part of the group that participated in trespassing on the forbidden lawn! good stories. glad to hear you are having such a good time - but you have fun no matter what you do - i would expect nothing less.

    happy 4th!