Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day5 Heading to Dublin

Right now I am in London Luton airport.. It was a bad idea to make plans at the last minute because my flight leaves at 6 and i have been in train stations, and now the airport since 11. Seems like a long time for such a short trip... well if I hadn't taken those trains early I wouldn't have been able to make it here until after my flight, which is non refundable. but I'm here so no worries.
Um Yesterday or 2days ago yesterday, my class took a field trip of London. We went to the Tower of London first which is in sight of the London bridge and it houses the crown jewels. It was pretty cool, I got in trouble for filming the crown jewels, another video you have to wait for, and saw armor, and prisoner walls with old writing scratched in them. Then we went to the St. Pauls Cathedral which has the 3rd largest dome in the world. It was beautiful. Next we went to the British Royal Courts and saw a few guys walking around, not in costume but uniform, robes and wigs.
Then we ate, British food is not very good and since it has been so hot, none of it is that appetizing since it is all hot food.
After that we walked like 20 blocks saw Lord Nelsons tower, stood in the place where Charles the I was beheaded, and the eventully got to Parliment and BIG BEN. We actully sat in parliments House of Lords and House of Commons to hear some of their session. Then I went home, cuz I was tired and talked on Skpe to a few of you.

THe real yesterday, we just had class, and I was trying to figure out how to book this flight and trains etc... not real interesting. However you will all be happy to know that the other day, I ripped my pants, go ahead and laugh Nutt, right in the crotch, but I wanted to wear them so I got out a mending kit and fixed them. Take that Ryan.

ANyways more to come..

God is Good!

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  1. I am very jealous you got to see robes and wigs, AND you were lucky enough to see some of the session! Sounds like you are having a blast! You are very missed!