Thursday, July 9, 2009

Day 12: Oxford

Oxford!!! Oxford appears to be a bit bigger than Cambridge, a bit faster, and has a bit more people. At least where we are located, I don't think we ever really got out of the Cambridge College area. My room is bigger, but doesn't have a view. The fridge is not in my room it is downstairs and shared by everyone in the building. The toilet and Showers are outside of the building around the corner, similar to a gas station entrance. At least in my building. Their are alot more British Students hanging around, and we have assigned hosts that are supposed to answer our questions. Oh and their is a pub under one of the dorms. They have alloted times for us to walk on the forbidden grass, and I think we can play croquet out there too. Yesterday, we got here, did a small walking tour, went to the Bear, the Eagle, and the Turf pubs and then got settled. I then went to Sainbury which is the local grocery store, bought peanut butter, and honey, so I didn't have to use the fridge, and chips and granola bars. Then I went to rest my eyes and woke up this morning. 10 hours of sleep was needed.
Today had class, got internet, and booked a flight to Munich for this weekend. My german is terrible and will be displayed, but I can still read it for the most part so that should be helpful. Flight leaves at 8:10 we have to leave at 1 or 2... I love traveling.

Side note: Most people distinguish themselves into tourist and travelers. Tourist tend to eat american food over here, and travelers eat the local stuff. Well I have been over here for like two weeks and the local food is crap and doens't have flavor and can add up. So sorry, I guess I am a tourist.

God is Good!

I miss everyone, except Nat, Luke, and James, who I hate.


  1. you are on the go go go! hope you are having fun over there. im not so sure i would be too excited about a gas station shower...that doesnt really meet my princess standards :)

    thanks for the updates!

  2. Nathan, I know you are disappointed about not being able to run with the bulls, but I just saw on the news where someone was killed there yesterday. Maybe it is for the best- I'm sure you'll find another adventure that will be just as memorable (and less life-threatening). :)

  3. So they have peanut butter in the UK now? Didn't 20 years ago. I'm glad you're going to Germany. What cities? Hope you have a great time.