Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Well, this past weekend I went to Dublin. I went to meet up with Joanna Morton, however my flight arrived at 7am and she couldn't meet me until 6pm. So I had a day to fill. First of all there were no trains out of Cambridge past 11:19pm the night before, so I had to take it and hang out in an airport until 6 am. I pretty much stayed awake the whole time. When I arrived in Dublin, I got off the bus at Trinity College and just started walking.
The first thing I did was go see the Book of Kells. It is the oldest account or at least it is old, or the New Testament Then I got to see the long hall of the library and it was awesome. I know, exciting right.
Then I walked around town, found St. Stephens park and took a nap. I have been blessed by the weather in England and Ireland, no rain and all sun. I woke up a little while later to a concert being played in the park. I sat and enjoyed it and then moved on.
I then tried to find the Guiness tour. I took all these nice Irish peoples directions and I got lost. ( If you ever in Ireland and you are lost, I have been told it is better to ask someone walking your direction because they will proably take you there). Finally found it, got my free pint , that I paid for and headed back to meet up with Joanna.

Joannna, I can't say enough about her and Richie. They were the best hosts and tour guides. They are fun, easy going, and just good people. If you know Joanna, you should try to go visit her before she moves back to the states next year. Awesome time.

Anyway back to it, Joanna took me back to her flat and cooked veggie enchiladas, they were awesome. Then we were off to Odonohues for a couple of pints. It is a pub where local musicians come in and play for free!! We had a good chat with Flavian and Alva, their friends, and headed back where we discovered an irishman under took parked cars passed out. We got someone to take care of him and headed back for some taco fries.
The next day I slept in till half 12, or 1230. Joanna and I went to eat and then on to the Jameson factory. I of course got to do the tasting and had a few shots with a fellow american.
We also stopped off at a pub called the Church, which is a huge converted church that is now a pub/nightclub. We met Richie at home and then headed for a country drive where we saw the foothills and an overlook of Dublin. I got to see a rainbow in Ireland as well as a bunch of sheep. Then we headed back and picked up some KFC and Budweiser in honor of the 4th of July. Richie got out his accordian and played an irish jig for me. Apparently like 12 of his cousins and stuff play fiddles, banjos, guitars, and accordians and they always play together.
It was time to go to Goggartys, a pub in temple bar, where we danced a jig, sang traditinal irish pub songs and met a few other americans. Amazing time.
The next morning I woke up at half 8 and We head to what is called the Forty Foot. It is the bank next to the ocean that local irish folk come to every morning and swim in. The thing is, the water is freezing. They just like to take a bit of a dip and then start their day. I know not every tourist gets to do that, so I was pumped. (Forty foot is not a cliff, it is just forty feet deep in high tide, I thought it was a cliff too.)
Then I headed back.

God is Good


  1. Nathan, I'm loving living vicariously through your adventures! Sounds like everything is amazing- can't wait to see some pictures and hopefully some video with your commentary. :)

  2. WOW sounds like you had an awesome time! joanna is a fun girl! glad you are having so much fun!

  3. "god is great, beer is good, and people are crazy" quoted from some country song...

    man, you never told me you've been to dublin. i've always wanted to go there for a pilgrimage, a joycean pilgrimage...