Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day 10: Tea and Punting

I got back from my trip and was tired so I slept. Then on Monday I went to class, and then we headed out to Ely to see Oliver Cromwells home and The Stain Glass museum, in a cathedral. All of that was cool, but we also found a tavern with cheap beer and food. SO we stayed back and partied and ate probably spending more money than we would have.
Today we had class in the morning, then we went off to this famous Apple Orchard for tea and scones. It was a delicious snack. Of course we decided to walk back and it starts to rain and rain and rain. I had brought a rain coat but one of the girls didn't and was wearing a white shirt, so I had to give her my coat. We walked a mile in the rain. Some of us guys rain through the field, I was chased by some cows (I got some video).
We get back into town, rain stops, and we go Punting. Punting is a type of boating, where you have a punter who uses a long stick to push the boat along. Sounds easy but it can be difficult. I have to say I captained my boat and we were the fastest and the most in control. Then I grabbed a pint and headed home to dry out.
We will be moving to Oxford tomorrow. Cambridge has been a wonderful place. I recommend it. BTW..I don't think I will be able to go to Spain this weekend for the Bulls. My Ireland trip cost a little bit more than I thought, plus to get to Spain and back is like over 600 american dollars plus there are no places to stay in like the tri county area if they had counties. So I am going to work out some day trips around England. It just recently hit me how long I am staying here. So my plans are changing a little bit, based on funds.
Also a side note to all of you who want to hear a bunch of crazy stories. Be patient, they will come.

God is Good.

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