Friday, July 24, 2009

First Day of the Tour.

Well I am in Paris!!!!...

The last couple of days I was in London I got to see a lot of stuff including Stomp the musical. It has been fun. So I met up with my group this morning. Everyone seems pretty cool. I am the only American, and I am with basically all Aussies, a few Kiwi’s (new Zealanders) and a few brits, Japanese, folks.

The first question I was asked if we really use red cups at parties? They didn’t believe it and wanted to know why.. why do we, cuz we buy them at walmart and they are good cups. The next question was are cheerleaders the popular girls in the states when they attend high school and I said yes. Apparently that is embarrassing or not so cool to be in England.

We took a ferry from dover to France. It was a long day of traveling. I met and made friends with several folks. Once here we ate and then hit a bus tour, which basically made me see everything I could hope to see…

The first bit of Paris we saw was Baslilique Cathedral where there are a ton of gypsies trying to con you by offering you these string bracelets and then holding your arm till you pay them a couple quid. You are supposed to respond No Merci and walk past but one of my new friends Sin Yo (sp?) who is Japanese, and kind of small got boxed in behind the group, he stopped and was scared and trying to be polite, so I went up grabbed him and pushed the guy out of the way, which almost got me into a scuffle. But like all good French men they backed down after cussing me. ---Mom just so you know I am being safe, I just get into protector mode for some of the girls and for Sin Yo and you would want me to help. That will be the last time that happens.

Anyways saw the Louve and the Effiel Tower, Notre Dame, etc.. tomorrow is a free day and I will get to see more of it in depth.

Love you all.

God is good.

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