Friday, July 17, 2009

Quick Recap of the last couple of days

First of all let me say something... I got really bummed out about a week ago because my mom told me that I only had like 200 dollars in my account left. This bothered me because I thought I was being cheap and also that I had several thousand to make it a couple of more weeks. But my mom or the bank messed up and gave me the wrong information. SO the trip is still on.

Warwick, Stratford
A couple of days ago we went to the Castle at Warwick and to the town of Stratford (sp?). The castle was awesome. I shot some arrows, got to see a catapult launch a bowling ball size stone, and hang out in the Gaulo's. This place also had one of the best burgers I have had since being in Europe.
Then we headed to Stratford, the birth place of Ole BIll Shakespere. It is a pretty neat town that is completely based everything on Shakespere. There is a pub there that is called the Black Swan that is no referred to as the Dirty Duck because years ago American GIs called it. I love that fact. We took a bus tour across the town and listen to the kids commentary on tape which was ridiculus, yet more my speed than the adult version. After that I was taught some tap dancing moves and tried to earn a quick pound or two, then we headed to a theater to watch Ceaser. It was pretty good, performed by brits and scots made it better somehow.
Then we headed back.

The next day we got up early and went to the local courthouse to watch a trial. No trial was going on but there were a bunch of arreignments so we got to see all those proceedings. 4 dwis, a couple of pot possesions. One guy and his buddy were arrested because he was drunk and had picked up a plank of wood and was swinging it about while his friend tipped over trash bins in a bit of sport on top of cars, which caused damage. The judge was like "Well tipping over bins I understand is all in good fun, but it is a terrible inconvenice to the owner of the car that gets scratched." Oh and the case of the homeless man who stole a beer from a shop that cost 3.50 and told the store owner he wasn't going to pay for it and to call the cops because he wanted to be arrested. Yeah, very unusal case.
After that it was a mission to get ready for High Table that nite. High Table is a ceremony that is done for graduates. They basically drink on the grass, eat a fine dinner at the head table with wine, and then move to the dessert room for some Port. Needless to say I had a couple and gave a toast/speech to the entire college eating in the dining hall(never before done). It was funny enough, and I still have people come up to me telling me they enjoyed it.
Today was a relaxed day, final day, no class. We went to some shops, I bought a bow tie, then most of the crew went to see Harry Potter. They said it was the worst thing in the world to watch it with the Brits because they talked through the entire thing. But they enjoyed the film. I stayed back, packed, took a nap and started looking at some of my options for the coming weeks.
Tomorrow I shall head to London. I think I am going to Rome on Monday. I haven't booked anything yet and will just have to do what I always do.

I don't know if I can say enough about the people I am with. I have gotten close to most of them and truley believe I have made some lifelong friendships. That is a good thing cause I hate most of my "friends" back in the states. Haha, They know who they are and that it is mostly a joke.

I miss everyone, Little A more than anyone else.

Lots of Love
God is Good.


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  1. Really hope you can go to Rome. Take as much time as possible there. Might want to keep you wallet in your front pockets; don't know if they still have as many pickpockets as they used to. If I could visit only one place in Europe again, it would be Rome. And do try the local food. You won't be disappointed there!!